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Wild Wacky Action Bike!!!!


Wild Wacky Action Bike! The bike that's hard to ride!
Goin' to try to ride all day long, but I'm goin' to fail
'Cause it's Wild Wacky Action Bike!
You can't ride it! You can't ride it! it's Wild Wacky Action Bike!

Good Stuff

Favorite Band or Musician: DMB or Linkin Park
Favorite TV show: Dont watch it much
Favorite movie: Boondock Saints
Favorite book: Wheel of Time series
Favorite sports team: Packers
Favorite food: Fried Rice

My Hobbies

Basketball, Computers, and as of late, missing my friends at U of A.

Life sucks, im just trying to get through it long enough that i can make it suck with lots of money..

Chicks are evil


Favorite Links


Here's my poetry, if u're bored or something : p Scroll down to see them, and below the list is a button "deviation gallery" for all of them.

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